Video: Vote "Parks and Recreation" Star Adam Scott For Mayor Of NYC

He plays a hilarious failed politician on TV. Can he win your vote in real life? Peep the policies, people!

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On NBC's Parks and Recreation, Adam Scott plays Ben Wyatt, a state auditor who became mayor of Partridge, Minn. at age 18 on the strength of his "anti-establishment voter rebellion" platform. A pimply moron, he subsequently bankrupted the town and disgraced himself by trying to develop a totally awesome winter sports complex called "Ice Town."

Surely Adam, who gave us a great interview for the April/May "Mantras" feature, couldn't be a worse politician than his Parks and Rec character, could he? During his photo shoot, we asked the Californian actor how he would address NYC issues like the abundance of rats and hipsters if he were mayor. Watch the video above to hear his views and see if you would vote Adam Scott mayor of New York City. Weigh in on his policies below.

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