The Liam Neeson "Taken" Ass-Kicking Infographic

All the kicking, punching, stabbing, shooting, pistol whipping, choking, electrocuting, throat-chopping, neck-snapping, head-bashing goodness from the Irishman's badass rescue revenge flick.

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Hell hath no fury like Liam Neeson in the Taken movie franchise. Director Pierre Morel and writer Luc Besson's 2008 French action thriller, released stateside in 2009, stars the Irish actor as Bryan Mills, a retired CIA field agent who cuts a bloody swath through the Parisian underworld to save his 17-year-old daughter (Maggie Grace) after an Albanian sex trafficking ring abducts her.

Using his "very particular set of skills," which includes bone-crunching hand-to-hand combat, dead-eye marksmanship, and torturous intelligence gathering, he makes organized criminals look like scattering fleas. It's marvelously brutal entertainment that sucker punched viewers who didn't realize that Neeson had that level of grizzled savagery in him.

Tradition dictates that an action sequel must have more violence and an even higher body count than its predecessor, but is that even possible with as much pain as Liam Neeson inflicted in part one? You'll have to watch Taken 2, out now, to find out. To prep you for a second dose of focused rage, Complex breaks down the original's action by the numbers so you can see what large ass-kicking shoes the new installment has to fill.

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Compiled by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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