Video Shows NYPD Officer Striking Handcuffed Youth

An Internal Affairs investigation has been launched.

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Shocking video footage has emerged of an NYPD officer punching a youth several times as he was being arrested.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 17 with the following description: 

This happened today on my way to the post office. The kids were 12. They had supposedly pushed one of their classmates down. However when the victim was asked, he said those weren't the guys. They were still taken away. 12. Years. Old. Sarah Doneghy

It remains unclear what caused the incident, but the New York Daily News reports that two people—including the one who was punched—were arrested for allegedly attacking someone with a cane. Details about the incident are sparse, but the NYPD's Internal Affairs division is investigating. 

[via New York Daily News]

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