Tennessee Man's Indecent Proposal Destroys Chivalry

That ain't how it works, bruh.

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Exposing yourself to a woman is not the way to her heart, especially if she's a stranger. On Oct. 24, authorities in Murfreesboro, Tenn. arrested 25-year-old Sean Williamson after Elona Nicole Jackson told them he had forced his way into her vehicle and demanded a ride three days prior. It turned out to be the ride from hell.

Williamson allegedly whipped it out during the ride, informing Jackson that the two would be having sex, her feelings be damned. To soothe her fears, he reportedly pulled something else out: a plastic ring, which he used to propose. Uninterested in both the unsolicited flashing and marriage proposal, she declined. 

According to Jackson, Williamson was convinced they were in a serious relationship, despite the fact that the two had only met a day prior. "He started saying I was his wife [and] that the two little girls I had belonged to him," she told WGNS Radio. He allegedly took it back to the '90s, claiming he would take her on The Jerry Springer Show

Williamson was charged with assault and indecent exposure. He'll make his next appearance in court on Nov. 19.

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