Of Course Deranged Sorority Girls Make Great Authors

If nothing else, this will be entertaining.

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Rebecca Martinson, better known to the masses as the"Deranged Sorority Girl," is about to work magic with her colorful use of the English language. Well, hopefully. 

Martinson, who rose to viral fame after her hilariously vitriolic email to fellow University of MarylandDelta Gamma sisters was exposed, will be writing a book. According to reports, she will co-write a book with White Girl Problems author Babe Walker, which will be published by Simon & Schuster. 

Byrd Lewell, who helped make Tucker Max happen, is currently shopping it. Simon & Schuster believes that Martinson could be the female version of Max. This should be an interesting ride, full of c*** punting. Can Michael Shannon please read the audio books?

[via New York Magazine]

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