One Man, Four Chipotle Burritos, Three Minutes

..and a Diet Coke. Can't forget the Diet Coke.

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Leave it up to competitive eater Matt Stonie to defy the odds. In an effort to further promote his talents, Stonie devoured four Chipotle burritos (two chicken; two steak) and downed a huge Diet Coke in three minutes. As he gets past the 2:22 mark, it doesn't look like he's about to pull it off, but he goes into Beast Mode and punishes the rest of the meal(s), guzzling the last of the Diet Coke at the buzzer.

This is the same dude who set a world record by eating five and a half pounds of cake on his 21st birthday, so he's not really one to be fucked with. He'll eat you under the table; possibly into a coma.

[via Gawker]

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