Study Claims the Internet Is Responsible for Most First Dates These Days

A new day.

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Forget meeting people the "traditional way," because one study claims the best way to meet a potential life partner is through the Internet.

The study, facilitated by (anyone else hear that axe grinding?), claims that the Internet is now the most efficient way to get a date:

Thirty-one percent of respondents’ most recent first dates stemmed from an online connection. It edged out meeting through a friend for the first time ever. Friend-of-a-friend connections accounted for 25 percent of first dates.

Biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor Dr. Helen Fisher told Betabeat that it's "more natural to meet someone online," citing specific reasons: "You don’t know if [people are] married or interested in a relationship," if you meet them in a bar.

This is true, but the world of online dating can also lead to deception. Plus, some people actually prefer meeting people the "traditional" way. Different strokes for different folks.

[via Betabeat]

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