Georgia College Student Fakes Kidnapping to Hide "F" From Parents

....and of course that failed.

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Sometimes, it's just easier to face the music. Georgia Gwinnett College student Aftab Aslam failed his English class, but instead of coming clean to his parents, he went to great extremes to hide the truth. This dude went to a Target, bought a disposable trap phone then texted his parents saying their son had been kidnapped and would pay with his life if they told police.

His parents told police anyway and the FBI was looped into the investigation. Aslam, 19, never banked on his scheme going that far. He spent eight days living in a tent in an open field, but the elements (rain, specifically) drove him inside. He returned to his parents claiming to have been kidnapped and drugged, figuring that their joy over his safe return would make them ignore his failing grade. He was wrong.

He folded under questioning, eventually confessing the whole scheme to authorities. Now he faces charges of making false statements, making terroristic threats and tampering with evidence. He would've been better off just keeping it real about the "F."

[via Daily Mail UK]

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