Don't Bring Your Gun to the Empire State Building

When will they learn.

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Hey tourists, New York City has a simple message for you: If you show up to the Empire State Building with a loaded firearm, you will be arrested. It's that simple. The New York Daily News reports that 79-year-old Georgia resident Evon Allen informed security guards that he had a loaded weapon in his backpack after the bag triggered an alarm while being passed through a metal detector.

“Trying to get in here with that, he must have been nuts,” an Empire State Building security guard said of the incident. Allen was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. The NRA has a warning about this that gun owners strangely seem to ignore:

A number of localities, including Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Suffolk County, and Yonkers, impose their own requirements on the possession, registration, and transport of firearms. Possession of a handgun within New York City requires a New York City handgun license or a special permit from the city police commissioner validating a state license within the city. Even New York state licenses are generally not valid within New York City unless a specific exemption applies, such as when the New York City police commissioner has issued a special permit to the licensee or “the firearms covered by such license are being transported by the licensee in a locked container and the trip through the city of New York is continuous and uninterrupted.”

New York City has hardcore gun laws. If you didn't know, ask Lil Wayne. Or just read something.

[via Gothamist and New York Daily News]

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