Why Was the MTA Calling the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel the "Hugh Grant Tunnel"?

More than a simple mistake.

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On Wednesday, passengers were travelling on a bus headed to Staten Island were told that they would have to take a detour through Brooklyn and through the "Hugh Grant Tunnel." Wait, what? The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel was named for Gov. Hugh L. Carey, who served as mayor of New York from 1975 until 1982. The tunnel was officially renamed the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel in 2012, but for some odd reason, the MTA was calling it the Hugh Grant Tunnel. 

Apparently, people associate the name Hugh with Hugh Grant? No love for Hugh Dancy or Hugh Jackman? SILive calls it an easy mistake, but we don't really see it that way. The upside is that passengers and Bustime users should be relieved to know that whichever route the bus takes, express buses always take the same route to get to Staten Island. These buses usually exit Manhattan through the Lincoln Tunnel, but the MTA rerouted some of them to prevent traffic on New Jersey Route 495.

[via SILive]

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