Activist Attacked in Yet Another NYC Hate Crime

This is ridiculous.


The string of crimes motivated by sexual preference in New York City continues, as an LGBT activist was attacked by a gang of men over the weekend. Authorities say Eugene Lovendusky was walking to the subway during the early hours of Saturday morning when a group of 10 approached him, calling him a "f*****" while punching him in the face.

NY1 says that Lovedunsky was leaving XL nightclub with his boyfriend and another friend when the pack of teens accosted them, screaming homophobic names at them. Despite being attacked, Lovedunsky was able to call police, who caught up with the teens at a pizzeria located at West 40th and Ninth Avenue. They made one arrest—19-year-old Manuel Riquelme was charged with assault and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

[via Gothamist]

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