Jackie Chan Confirms 'Rush Hour 4' Could Begin Filming Soon Under 1 Big Condition

During a recent radio interview, Jackie Chan confirmed the script for 'Rush Hour 4' is ready to go.

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If you were to take a quick look at recent movie releases, you would probably be surprised at how many of them are reboots or sequels to classic, well-loved movies from 10 or 20 years ago. But before you succumb to reboot fatigue, you should allow yourself to get excited by the latest news: Rush Hour 4 is definitely in the works.

You heard it here! RUSH HOUR 4 is CONFIRMED by @EyeOfJackieChan #TheCruzShow @Power106LA pic.twitter.com/uybaGyJoJy

On a recent appearance on The Cruz Show, Jackie Chan himself confirmed that the script for Rush Hour 4 has finally been agreed upon. "For the last seven years, we’ve been turn[ing] down, turn[ing] down the script," Chan explains. "But yesterday, we agreed." The script will likely be finalized at the end of the month, which would allow production to begin in 2018. Chan said the movie will probably be coming "next year." But before you get too excited about this development, there is a catch: The only way Rush Hour 4 is going to happen is if, and only if, Chris Tucker agrees to it. He's apparently still undecided on it.

And what would the Rush Hour franchise be without Tucker? Fans immediately took to Twitter to try to convince the star to reprise his role as LAPD detective James Carter alongside Chan’s Chief Inspector Lee. Rush Hour 3 was released a decade ago in 2007. 

When Jackie Chan confirmed Rush Hour 4 but then said “...if Chris Tucker agrees” pic.twitter.com/qdiifQ0BEs
@christuckerreal I'm not gonna lie bro, you need to accept #RushHour4 before your fans riot bro. These arguments on my block are gettin real
@christuckerreal Chriis cmon chriiis the fans need you more than ever chriiiis we love you chriiiiis Michael would want this for you chrisss https://t.co/dgbj7jKIua
.@christuckerreal i saw Rush Hour 2 for three times & Rush Hour3 over four times you own me Rush Hour4 Please!
@christuckerreal PLEASE SAY YES TO RUSH HOUR 4 IT’S WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW pic.twitter.com/o6d2sTokFG
@christuckerreal agree for the culture 😭🙏 https://t.co/TsqhbNVdO9

During his interview on The Cruz Show, Chan also explained why Rush Hour is the one franchise that could actually work if it was rebooted all these years later. "A few years ago, Karate Kid. There was supposed to be a Karate Kid 2 but the script isn’t right. Several years later, they want to do it and I say, 'You still want to do Karate Kid? No, Karate Men.' They’re taller than me now!" Chan said. The Chinese actor went on to talk about being typecast and how he sees his role in Hollywood evolving through the years.

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