Uber Driver Runs Passenger Over For Talking On Her Phone

Another tale of a crazy Uber driver.

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A 24-year-old woman in Australia claims that an Uber driver violently attacked her for talking on her phone during her drive. The woman, Sascha Pangallo, was using the ride-sharing platform on her way home from work when the driver started screaming at her, before dragging her from the vehicle and running her over, the DailyMail reports. She suffered a suspected broken leg and a blood clot, as well as skin abrasions and bruises. The driver apparently fled the scene after running Pangallo over and has since been removed from the company.

Unsurprisingly, Pangallo, who is recovering in a hospital, has vowed to never use the ride-sharing service again—and we don’t blame her. A spokesperson for Uber told the Daily Mail that the company is assisting authorities with locating the driver. Even so, this is not the first time Uber has had problems with one of their drivers. 

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