80,000 Gallons of Jim Beam Spill Into A Lake and Catch Fire Due to Freak Weather Storm

Add a tornado to the mix and you've got yourself a "firenado."

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A freak weather storm triggered by a bolt of lightning annihilated a Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky and resulted in the loss of 800,000 gallons of bourbon. The spilt booze seeped into a nearby lake, which was then struck by lightning and caught fire, the Daily Mail reports. To make matters worse, a tornado swept through, sucking up the flaming liquid and spreading the fire further. If there were ever such a thing as a drunken tornado, surely this would be one them. It's just a shame that so much quality alcohol was thrown to the winds, literally, instead of being enjoyed by those who were hiding in lock-down shelters.

In addition to the damage they incurred from the storm, Jim Beam is facing fees of $70,000 for polluting the nearby water sources, which led to the death of many fish. 

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