'Chroma Squad' Is the Power Rangers Game We Never Knew We Wanted

For those of you who still love the Power Rangers series but are too old to enjoy watching it

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With the Power Rangers franchise getting a much needed reboot in the form of a movie (which is coming out next year) expect a s***-load of content and products related to the retro action series. Case-in-point, Chroma Squad from indie developers Behold Studios.

Starting life out as a successful Kickstarter for the PC in 2015, Chroma Squad has been picked up by Tekken publishers Bandi Namco. Designed with a quirky 8-bit retro look the game's premise is simple, you take control of five stunt actors who have quit their day jobs to produce a Power Rangers-style TV show.

The gameplay has a similar style to cult classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics and the Fire Emblem series, mixing elements of the Strategy and RPG genres. As well as the turn-based combat you’ll have to purchase and upgrade your equipment, craft new weapons and build mechs to battle giant monsters in —all this is in the pursuit of the ultimate goal, to get the highest audience ratings for your show. It's tactics like these that Simon Cowell should employ if he ever wants to get those X-Factor ratings back up.

[Via GameSpot]

For a preview of the game check out the Japanese-inspired trailer above.

Chroma Squad is currently available on Steam and will be out next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (as well select last-gen consoles).

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