Take Your First Look At Ben Kingsley As The Mandarin From "Iron Man 3"

Iron Man's arch enemy finally hits the big screen.

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As we wait patiently for the debut trailer from Iron Man 3 to drop tomorrow, Entertainment Weekly has revealed our first look at Ben Kingsley as the movie’s villain: The Mandarin. Longtime comic book fans have been waiting for this character to hit the screen since the first Iron Man, and now it looks like Marvel has brought him to life in style.

In the movie, The Mandarin is an international terrorist who has it out for Tony Stark. We’re not sure if he’ll be sporting his 10 alien-powered rings from the comics, but he still looks pretty menacing even without his trademark weapons. The Mandarin was hinted at in the original Iron Man with the terrorist group called The 10 Rings, so maybe everything will tie together in this installment. Check out the full picture of Kingsley below:
Iron Man 3 will hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

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[via EW]

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