Take A Look At The New Suicide Squad From "Arrow"

Villains united.

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One of the reasons why Arrow has turned into the best comic book adaptation on TV is by introducing audiences to the larger DC Universe on a weekly basis without becoming overbearing. Over the last few months, the series has debuted numerous classic villains from throughout the comic book history, including the Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Deadshot (Michael Rowe), and Shrapnel (Mark Scheffer). Now, all of those characters are being recruited for a new super villain group named the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson).

In the comics, the Suicide Squad is a team of hardened criminals recruited by a shadowy government group to pull off dangerous espionage missions in exchange for their potential freedom. The concept was created by writer John Ostrander in the late ‘80s, and since then the team has appeared in numerous comic series and cartoons, including Justice League Unlimited.

Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Shrapnel, and Waller have all been part of the group’s various incarnations, but in a pair of exclusive images on Comic Book Resources, it looks like Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson) will also take part in the team.

Will the Squad be after Oliver Queen? You’ll have to wait until the episode airs on March 19 to see what their goal is. Until then, you can check out the pictures below:

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