Gal Gadot Is Signed On For Three Movies As Wonder Woman

Only one of these movies has been confirmed so far.

Image via DC Entertainment

Looks like Gal Gadot will be sticking around as Wonder Woman for the long haul. In an interview with Good Evening with Gai Pines (via Batman News), the actress confirmed that she has signed on for three movies as the iconic Amazon, including an appearance in 2016’s Batman/Superman flick. For that one movie, Gadot will earn $300,000, which is a pretty solid number for an unproven actress.

What are the other two movies that Gadot will appear in? We’re not sure yet, but it's safe to assume that Warner Bros. is looking for Gadot to star in the studio’s rumored Justice League adaptation as well. Perhaps a solo Wonder Woman movie is also on the horizon for the young actress. If that happens, the studio should base it solely on Brian Azzarello’s current run on the Wonder Woman comic to ensure a happy fanbase. Just a little advice. 

Batman/Superman will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

[Good Evening with Gai Pines via Batman News]

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