Frank Miller Would Love to Write a Captain America Comic for Marvel

Famed comic book writer and artist Frank Miller said he would love the opportunity to write a Captain America comic book.

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Frank Miller is best known as the man who redefined Daredevil, deconstructed Batman, and created Sin City. However, his comic book output over the past decade has been sporadic at best. In the mid-2000’s there was All-Star Batman and Robin, which was a head-scratching odyssey into profanity and prostitution. And his latest graphic novel, Holy Terror, began as a Batman book, but it eventually morphed into its own entity at Legendary Comics.

Although neither book was well received, that isn’t stopping Miller from thinking about pumping out more comics, and during today’s Reddit AMA, the writer was asked which character he would still like to write. Here is his response:


Miller actually did write Captain America, albeit briefly, during the “Born Again” storyline in Daredevil. But he never had a prolonged run on the character. Miller expanded upon his answer when asked a similar question later on:


Miller’s Holy Terror was heavily criticized for its perceived anti-Islamist propaganda. It seems that a Captain America book by Miller might also feature patriotism that borders on pure jingoism, which likely wouldn’t sit well with the global company Marvel has become. Still, there is little doubt that Miller’s Captain America would fly off the shelves, even if it was out of morbid curiosity.

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