Video: NASA is Going to 3D Print in Space and This is How They'll Do it

Star Trek is coming to life.

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NASA has plans to 3D print in space aboard the International Space Station next year, and now they're showing us how they'll make it happen.

In this new video, NASA astronauts take us through how 3D printing in space will be possible; astronaut Timothy Creamer describes it as "Star Trek replication." Which, in a way, is really what it is—at least the beginning stages, anyway. This is handy aboard the ISS because it allows astronauts to print parts and equipment they may need, right there on the spot. NASA can link blueprints from here from Earth to get the printer ready to do its thing. 

The video is awesome, but just try to ignore the 70s music in the background. C'mon now, NASA. 

[via NASA]

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