North West Wants to Be a Rapper, Basketball Player, Artist, and More: ‘I Want to Own Yeezy and SKIMS’

North West spoke with 'i-D' about being her own style icon and said if she could meet any person, it'd be Tupac Shakur.

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North West wants to make it big in business.

The 10-year-old is featured in "The New Wave Issue" of i-D Magazine, where she described herself as "The Best Ever" and talked about her life beyond the spotlight.

In a Q&A, West opened up about her favorite song by her father, Kanye West ("Through the Wire"), which was released nearly a decade before her birth. "Through the Wire" was Kanye's breakout single as a rapper, landing on his debut album The College Dropout, which arrived in 2004.

Also sharing that she has a talent for singing, which she gets "a little bit" from her dad, North deemed herself her own style icon, giving readers a teaser of what's currently in her closet ("Vintage T-shirts and Spider sweats.")

North West on what she wants to be when she grows up...

"One day I want to own Yeezy and SKIMS, and I want to be a business owner."

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) October 31, 2023
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Before describing herself as "The Best Ever," North said that the best fashion show she's attended took place in the closet of her younger sister, Chicago. If the Gemini could meet anyone, she said it would be Tupac Shakur. North's mother, Kim Kardashian, once claimed to have appeared in a music video for the late rapper when she was 14.

Towards the end of the profile, North opened up about her knack for art, as seen in past TikToks. "Last week I finished a landscape and a sunset and I made a little circle thing," she said, possibly referring to a painting that Kim Kardashian previously shared via Instagram.

If North didn't live in Los Angeles, she told i-D that she'd opt for Japan, which she's visited with both of her parents separately. At the end of the interview, North said she intends to become a multi-hyphenate in athletics, music, art, and more.

"A basketball player, a rapper, um... Well, when I was seven, I wanted to be a boxer. But now I don’t want to be a boxer. I’m going to do art on the side," she said. "When I’m, like, thirteen, I want to walk dogs, to make money to buy art supplies, because everything around here is so expensive. So a rapper, a basketball player, and I’m going to make artwork that I sell. Also, one day I want to own Yeezy and SKIMS, and I want to be a business owner."

For spooky season, North paired with Kim in matching Clueless outfits, with her replicating Dionne and her mother dressing as movie protagonist Cher.

Head over to i-D to read the full interview and check out North and Kim's Halloween looks below.

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