Jamie Foxx Jokes Clone Rumors Lost Steam After He Was Seen With a White Woman: ‘He Love Them White B*tches’

Jamie Foxx showed good humor about his 2023 health scare while accepting the Producer Award at the African-American Film Critics Association Awards.

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Jamie Foxx is well aware about the jokes regarding the women he dates.

On Sunday, the Oscar winner received the Producer Award at the African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) Awards and during his acceptance speech, he cracked some jokes about his 2023 health scare and dating history. Last year, Foxx was hospitalized for an undiagnosed health complication, which prevented him from doing press on his films, God Is a Bullet, They Cloned Tyrone, Strays and The Burial.

After Foxx was discharged from the hospital last summer, he was seen on a boat on the Chicago River. However, some believed that he was 'cloned,' a conspiracy that was intensified by They Cloned Tyrone.

But Foxx addressed the rumor mill with jokes at the AAFCA Awards. Also in attendance were Jonathan Majors, Meagan Good, Nia Long and Jurnee Smollett.

“I’ll be going back to my stand-up sort of roots, and I’ll tell you in my way,” he said of his undisclosed illness. “It’ll be called 'What Had Happened Was,'" he said." And it’s got all the things that have happened—especially on our side in our community. Being cloned and all kinds of sh*t. N****s will come up with anything.”

He continued, "Motherfucking clone, he a clone!’ Even when they saw me out. ‘That ain’t no goddamn Jamie, that’s a clone!’ I’m on a boat [waving my hand], ‘No! that’s a clone!’ I dove out of a car to save this Black woman’s purse, and I’m taking a picture, and they go, ‘That ain’t no damn Jamie, that’s a clone!’"

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The jokes then shifted over to Foxx's dating life, as he's been critiqued in the past for mainly dating white women. His children, Corinne Foxx, 30, and Annalise Bishop, 15, are both biracial.

“But then they saw me with a white girl. ‘That’s Jamie! You know he love them white bitches!’" he said. "Come on, man! That’s why I didn’t think I was going to get this award; am I Black enough?"

Foxx reportedly dated actress Katie Holmes for six years, breaking up in 2019, and he was last linked to former Australian fitness model Alyce Huckstepp.

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