Latest Viral ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Clip Features Contestants Struggling to Solve Puzzle With One Letter Left

Another 'Wheel of Fortune' clip goes viral after contestants were unable to bring home an easy win with a puzzle that was all but completed.

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Sometimes the easiest puzzles are the hardest to solve, which a few recent Wheel of Fortune contestants could tell you all about.

The latest viral clip finds all three contestants on an episode being unable to complete the answer “renting a pedal boat,” getting stumped on one final letter after the puzzle was basically completed.

i have never wanted to scream this loudly in my life

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) March 2, 2022

Loyal scholars of Wheel of Fortune fails know this isn’t the first time people playing the popular game show couldn’t finish an easy puzzle. Even though this other mishap arguably isn’t as egregious as the “renting a pedal boat” situation, about two weeks ago some WoF contestants went multiple rounds before they could complete a relatively obvious idiomatic phrase.

“Another feather in your cap” was the answer, but nobody was able to figure it out. Like in this new fail, it was only until there was only one letter left that someone was able to crack the code and solve it. Maybe this game is harder than it looks.

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