Science Says Emoji Users Have More and Better Sex

Who are we to argue with science?

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If you're one of those stubborn people who's still refusing to adopt emojis this may finally change your mind. recently did a study of more than 5,600 people from a wide variety of demographics and learned more about emoji use than we thought there was to know. 

Emoji users reported to having more sex than their peers who stick to plain text. Women who use any of the kiss emojis also reported being able to achieve an orgasm more easily. 

If promises of more and better sex have inspired you to finally get down with emojis, the study also gives you a tip. Men most commonly use the kiss and heart eye emojis, but what women really prefer are the smileys. Set yourself apart and go with the more subtle option. 

Here's why it works, from The Daily Mail:

According to biological anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, who helped lead the study, emojis are popular simply because they help us communicate more effectively in a medium (texting) in which sentiments can otherwise fall flat.

Indeed, around 50per cent of men and women agree that emojis 'show personality' and around 35per cent of both sexes say they make 'expressing feelings' easier.

Just don't spell your feelings wrong. The study also found that 54per cent of single women and 36per cent of men find misspellings and incorrect grammar to be the biggest text message turn-offs.

Now I'm glad I use emojis and took a rigorous grammar class in journalism school. 


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