Rachel Dolezal Says Caitlyn Jenner's Story Resonates With Her

A new interview segment from 'Today.'

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Since news first broke of Rachel Dolezal's muddled racial identity one of the most common comparisons has been to Caitlyn Jenner. Many people have likened her identification as black with transgenderism, despite the community rejecting the connection. And now Dolezal herself says Jenner's story resonates with her. 

In new portion of her Todayinterview Dolezal said she cried when she finally read Jenner's Vanity Fairpiece yesterday "because I resonated with some of the themes of isolation, of being misunderstood—to not know if you have a conversation with somebody, will that relationship then end because they have seen you as one way."

She went on to say her race comes up when dating, adding, "I will intentionally ask, like, 'so do you just date light-skinned women? What’s your spectrum?'"

Don't expect the Jenner-Dolezal comparisons to go away now. 

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