Black Mizzou Students Have Reportedly Faced Several Racist Threats Tonight

Campus racism hasn't ended with several high-profile resignations.

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Update (11/11/15): MSA president Payton Head deleted his Facebook post confirming KKK presence on campus and provided a new update: 

See original story from 11/10/15 below: 

The resignation of University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe and chancellor R. Bowen Loftin has been framed as a mere moment in the movement for equality for good reason. Those moves alone won't end the racism at Mizzou, as we're seeing clearly tonight. The campus has been home of several racist threats tonight, both IRL and on social media. 

The Black Culture Center was placed under lockdown after a threat was called in Tuesday afternoon, ABC 17reports. The threat came in during a meeting between Missouri Legislative Black Caucus and members of the group Concerned Student 1950, the major catalyst in the protests at Mizzou. This is the same site vandalized with cotton balls back in 2010. 

The Maneater, Mizzou's student newspaper, has confirmed the Phi Mu sorority has been placed under lockdown after reports of the KKK being on campus. Payton Head, the student body president, has also confirmed the presence of the terrorist group, saying: "Students please take precaution. Stay away from the windows in residence halls. The KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus. I'm working with the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard."

A member of the track team also tweeted about a sighting: 

Saw the KKK down greektown when I was getting my teammates.. It's real

However, MUPD spokesman Brian Weimer told The Maneater, "There's absolutely nothing to indicate that (the KKK is on campus)." 

A student took to Twitter to share her story of being threatened and harassed by a group of white people at Speaker's Circle (a Mizzou landmark) and in a blue truck without license plates. She expressed her fear numerous times, as well as hesitation to return back to the school tomorrow because of specific threats not to return. 

The cops are holding this white guy back he is in speaker circle screaming me jaylah and obehi had to run to the car
If you are black and on campus GO HOME there is a racist meeting in speaker circle they are threatening us saying dont come tmmrw
Im about to cry if you are on campus go home its not worth it. I just had to run this white guy was screaming saying he has had enough
I am terrified ! We just literally walked passed a racist cult in speakers circle i dont feel safe at Mizzou anymore im ready to go
I have 2 exams tomorrow 2. Wth am i supposed to do? How am i supposed to come to campus tomorrow ? They are not playing with us at all
There is a blue truck with white guys and there is no license plate on the truck they are circling around us
Im shaking and crying these white guys are in a monster blue pick up truck no license plate circling our car we almost couldnt get out
Im so scared i cant even go home im scared they just trapped us in a parking lot
We are not at the parking lot anymore we are safe ! There is a blue pick up truck no license plate !They looked at us in the eye and laughed
Racist cult in speaker circle blue pick up truck with white guys and no license plate circling there car around us dont go to campus
Cant stop shaking literally could've died tonight its not worth it
They looked at us in our eyes and laughed at us. I have never seen people so evil in my life.
People please stop threatening me.

Cody Mroczka, a reporter for Lake News online and a Mizzou alum, shared two videos from Speaker's Circle featuring a white man screaming profusely and mentioning the KKK. He says he received the clips from a close friend and grad student at Mizzou. 

Video from speakers circle at #Mizzou just sent to me @mattdpearce
Here's another video from same spot at #Mizzou @mattdpearce

The social media platform Yik Yak was also home to several threats, both cryptic and specific, as captured on Twitter:

"Tomorrow Mizzou will really make national news" More threats from the terrorist. @ColumbiaPD @Mizzou @bowtieger
This is what we are dealing with. @cnn @maddow @HuffingtonPost

Another student reported sharing with his professor his natural trepidation at attending class tomorrow in wake of the racist threats. The professor doesn't seem to share (or understand) the concerns. 

Like are you kidding me.

Chancellor Loftin, who will remain in his role until Jan. 1, says MUPD is aware of the threats and has increased security. The MU Alert system issued a similar statement:

MUPD is investigating reports. Please call 911 if immediately if you need help.

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