Martin Lawrence Confirms "Bad Boys 3" Is in Development

Martin Lawrence confirmed "Bad Boys 3" is in development during his Conan appearance.

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We don't have video of tonight's episode of Conan yet, but that hasn't stopped it from making news. During his appearance Martin Lawrence confirmed Bad Boys 3 is in development, according to /Film. Will Smith's partner in (fighting) crime said producers are developing a script and his talk with Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday has him feeling positive. 

If this does happen it'll likely be a huge hit at the box office. It doesn't even matter if it's any good. Bad Boys II was murked by critics, but still pulled in an astonishing $138 million in 2003. It was one of those weird movies fans loved (78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and critics despised (23 percent). 

[via /Film]

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