Kim Kardashian's Myspace Page Proves She Was Once as Embarrasing as All of Us

Circa 2006.

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We're not going to cast judgment here. Every single person who had a Myspace page could look back on it and see how washed they once were. If you stroll down that digital memory lane and don't admit it, it means you're still washed. It's a harsh realization, but you can find comfort in knowing social media queen Kim Kardashian was once in the same spin cycle as all of us. 

Us Weekly has brought back to life Kim's 2006 social media presence, when she only had 856 friends and 73 wall comments. On a bright pink profile Kim, aka "Princess Kimberly," said she wanted to meet God and listed her father, Robert Kardashian, as her hero. For her bio she wrote, "I’m a princess and you’re not so there!" Then-boyfriend Ray J was in her Top 8, though he was relegated to number 4. 

Sift through the ancient hilarity below:




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