Kim Kardashian Wins "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" Award at the Crunchies

She beat out BuzzFeed.


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The 8th Annual Crunchies Awards recognized Kim Kardashian's digital hustle last night. The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app won the "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" Award, beating out the heavily trafficked Buzzfeed, Twitch, Giphy, and Threes. 

Shockingly, Kim wasn't there to accept her app's award. She probably wouldn't have fit in in what has to be the nerdiest award show of all time. The presenters for her award even took a dig at Kim, saying, "Apparently people are willing to pay money to play an insufferable, fake celebrity." 

Perhaps Katy Perry will set her sights on this award for her own app. Check out all the Crunchies winners here


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