Jada Pinkett-Smith Will Be in "Magic Mike 2" but Won't Be Stripping

Jada Pinkett-Smith has confirmed she'll be in "Magic Mike 2," but she won't be stripping.

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Not Available Lead

Jada Pinkett-Smith has confirmed she will be in Magic Mike 2, but no, she will not be stripping. "[Channing Tatum] and [Gregory] Jacobs and Warner Bros. really took really took a chance," she said today on the Queen Latifah Show. "There was a character written for a male that they really wanted to turn into a female."

Of course, the next logical question was whether she'd be taking her clothes off—given, you know, the subject matter. "[I won't be] one of those characters!" Pinkett-Smith said. "I can't reveal it yet, but I'm excited about it. 

So are we. And we're also pretty stoked about the recent addition of Amber Heard. 

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