Edward Snowden Teaches John Oliver About the Importance of Strong Passwords

A new clip from the 'Last Week Tonight' interview.

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Edward Snowden laughs at our passwords. Not because they're funny, though that's true in John Oliver's case, but because they can be compromised by hackers in less than a second. In a new clip from his Last Week Tonight interview, the infamous whistleblower teaches us how to create a better password. 

The standard eight-character password many of us use is garbage, no matter how clever we think we are. Snowden quickly rules out Oliver's suggestions of "passwerd" and even the longer "limpbiscuit4eva." He suggests we start thinking of "passphrases" instead of passwords. They can be easy for us to remember, as long as they're long enough to ward off brute force and are unlikely to be in the dictionary. So "admiralalonzoghostpenis420YOLO" is a fantastic password. Ditto for "margaretthatcheris110%SEXY."

Now that you have this guidance, don't be like Oliver. "I get how important it is," he said. "I fully understand that. The problem is I'm not going to do it because it seems hard, even though I know that it isn't."


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