Is Amber Rose Getting Her Own TV Show?

Instagram leads us to believe it's true.

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Image via Complex Original
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Amber Rose stays on our radar predominantly for sending out entertaining shots at the Kardashian Klan, but apparently that's all she needs. Judging by the photo she posted to Instagram (above), somebody has decided to give Rose her own television show. Her braggadocios caption reads, "Muva just givin u trolls something else to hate on #HoesBeWinning."

In March rumors rumors circled about Rose getting a reality TV program. A source told OK!, "She’s been inundated with offers from TV networks and publishers around the world, desperate to hear the dirt she has on Kanye and why she’s on such a mission to destroy Kim." But the set in the photo looks more like it's for a talk show. And last September TMZ reported Nick Cannon had secured Rose deals for a fashion TV series and a book. 

So yeah, throwing shade and Kim and Ko. is actually enough to get a TV show. Isn't fame in 2015 lit?


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