Moncler Brings the Mountains to New York City for Its 70th Anniversary

Moncler’s “Extraordinary Expedition” will be at the Highline Stages in Manhattan’s meatpacking district October 5-9, bringing 3D video and a replica mountain.

Moncler Extraordinary Exhibition

Image via Moncler

Moncler Extraordinary Exhibition

Moncler turns 70 this year. To showcase the brand’s history, the outerwear label has created a pioneering exhibition. Dubbed the “The Extraordinary Expedition,” Moncler’s new exhibit combines multisensory 3D film and CGI with archival pieces to build an immersive adventure experience in a place in love with the brand: New York City. 

Opening on October 5th, “The Extraordinary Expedition” hosts an “Extraordinary Experience”. Guests will enter through a stark “Basecamp” and be transported to an indoor alpine environment, complete with a CGI film projected in 360 degrees around a mountain sculpture, along with fog, wind, and scents that simulate the snowy mountain ecosystems that inspired the brand. 

In addition to the “Extraordinary Experience,” Moncler partnered with 3D artist Antoni Tudisco to create a series of NFTs commemorating its 70th anniversary. In the Exhibition’s “Moncler Universe” space, guests can mint one of 500 event-exclusive NFT tokens. Each NFT will grant its owner access to Moncler’s loyalty tier, which provides early access to product launches, a personalized visit to a Moncler store, as well as experiences in the physical world and beyond.

But that’s not everything. The “Extraordinary Moments” space will also house seven Archive Boxes that display images and artifacts from defining moments in the brand’s history. Visitors will also get a chance to preview customizing their own version of the hottest puffy jacket in New York: the Moncler Maya, using a new program called Moncler By Me, which the brand built specifically for this anniversary. 

Moncler’s “The Extraordinary Expedition” will be at the Highline Stages in Manhattan’s meatpacking district October 5-9, before heading to London, Seoul, Tokyo, and China, where each location will have its own exclusive NFT.

To reserve tickets, visit Moncler’s 70th Anniversary site


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