Kylie Jenner Reportedly Reluctant to Forgive Jordyn Woods for Alleged Affair With Tristan Thompson

In light of the allegations that Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson hooked up behind Khloe's back, Kylie Jenner doesn't know how to proceed.

kylie jenner jordyn woods

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kylie jenner jordyn woods

In the wake of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, it's clear Khloe Kardashian isn't the only family member who's going to have to bid adieu to one of the confidants in her inner circle. 

Per TMZ, Kylie Jenner doesn't know how to process the allegations that her best friend, business partner, and former roommate Jordyn Woods was the other woman in Khloe and Tristan's tumultuous relationship. Sources close to the family have told the outlet that Kylie initially questioned Jordyn's involvement, but after reaching out to some of the party's other attendees, she's no longer skeptical of Woods' role. Now that her doubts have been confirmed, it remains unclear where she and Jordyn's relationship stands. 

According to E!, an unnamed source claimed Kylie is "reeling" and "is very torn on how to handle the situation." The source also alleged that the entire Kardashian/Jenner family is collectively "writing Jordyn off." 

On Tuesday, it was reported that Tristan Thompson had traveled back to Los Angeles to spend Valentine's Day with the mother of his child, Khloe Kardashian. However, a few days after the couple's romantic soiree, the NBA star was reportedly seen making out with Jordyn Woods at a house party. 

In response to the TMZ report, Thompson promptly took to Twitter to dismiss the claims as "FAKE NEWS."

This is a photo of Tristan.

However, Kardashian then seemingly confirmed the rumors on Instagram, in response to Hollywood Unlocked's post about the scandal.

In light of his infidelity, Khloe called the relationship quits, especially since this isn't the first time Thompson has allegedly been unfaithful. "Khloe is more disappointed that someone so close to their family would betray her," the source told E!. "She can't believe it." As Tristan fiercely denied the allegations, Khloe wasn't having it. "She heard it from multiple people and doesn't believe him for a second," they explained. 

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