Chrissy Teigen Responds to Laura Ingraham's Criticisms: 'Corny Monster'

Ingraham questioned Teigen's worthiness as one of 'Time's 100 Most Influential People, prompting the model to call the Trump-ally a "corny monster."

chrissy teigen

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chrissy teigen

Fox News reporter Laura Ingraham devoted air time on Wednesday to questioning why Chrissy Teigen was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People. The tone-deaf reporter sarcastically referred to Teigen's affinity for food as "innovative" and criticized the model's message of female empowerment when she said women should say "f**k you" more often. 

The top story on Fox's 10 o'clock hour is Laura Ingraham raging about @chrissyteigen being named to Times top 100 most influential list. Laura is mad that Mrs. Tiegen said a naughty word

— Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) April 18, 2019

The Trump-ally also used air-quotes when questioning Teigen's influence, and claimed she is "known" for her "vicious attacks on president Trump."

Corny monster. There were 1 million other ways to try and take me down and this is what you choose? Fuck you. 😁

— chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 18, 2019

Tiegen responded to Ingraham's petty remarks via Twiter, calling the conservative host a "corny monster" and noting that "there were 1 million other ways" to try and criticize her, yet Ingraham decided on that one. She ended the response with a short and sweet, "F**k you."

when time comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won’t question your worthiness, @IngrahamAngle

— chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 18, 2019

The mother-of-two then informed Ingraham that when the time comes for the "most influential white supremacists list" she'll be sure not to question whether the Fox News reporter is deserving of the title. 

Teigen joins a host of voices calling for Ingraham to silence her reprehensible attacks, particularly after she mocked Nipsey Hussle in the wake of the rapper's murder. While covering Hussle's funeral, she referred to him sarcastically as "this dear artist" and proceeded to mock his memorial service. Many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, have called for Ingraham's dismissal in light of her insensitive behavior.

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