Here Is the Reason Behind Louis C.K. and Denis Leary's Beef


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It's been speculated that Dane Cook stole material from Louis C.K. for his stand-up, but who woulda thought Denis Leary would ever be accused of the same? This seems to be the case, though, as interviews with both C.K. and Leary have surfaced, citing a long-running feud that may have something to do with C.K. believing Leary plagiarized an early stand-up bit of his about being an asshole, and turned it into the majorly popular song "Asshole."

Here are the deets: In an interview with Opie and Anthony from a few years ago, C.K. goes into detail about the time Denis Leary expanded on one of his jokes about how we should all just admit we're assholes. Leary went on to eventually turn that premise into a song, which in turn played a major factor into him becoming a star. 

Of course, Leary denies these allegations, but this isn't the first time Leary has been accused of borrowing jokes—he's been said to have borrowed the persona and some material from Bill Hicks as well.

Check out the interviews below.

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