Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Russian President Vladimir Putin in "Putin's Cold War Kickstarter"

Plenty of prizes for backers.

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Comedy can be used to help poke fun at absurdities. For instance, Russian troops are occupying Crimea (don't act like you ever heard of that word before two weeks ago). This is lighting up a fire in political discourse.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his officials have basically stated that he believes whatever he's doing is none of President Barack Obama and the United States' business. It shouldn't soil U.S.-Russia relations. He doesn't want another Cold War.

Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the Russian president last night on The Tonight Show in a sketch called “Putin’s Cold War Kickstarter.” There are even prizes for backers like an “I’d rather be drinking vodka" coozie. But, the best gifts are the photos that commemorate the time Putin went full Ernest Hemingway—building fires, swimming in lakes, and riding a horse shirtless in Siberia. 

Watch the sketch above.

[via NBC]

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