President Obama Gives Shout-Out to "Witcher 2", Probably Didn't Play The Game

On a recent visit to Poland, President Obama praised "Witcher 2" despite his insistence that he isn't very good at games.

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CD Projekt's Witcher franchise is set to debut its third installment at E3 this year, following in the footsteps of the 2011's critically-acclaimed Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and 2007's The Witcher. And luckily, the series may have gotten an unexpected PR boost thanks to none other than the President of the United States. 

In a recent visit to Poland, President Obama recalled the gift he was given by Polish prime minister Donald Tusk when the POTUS last visited the Eastern European country: a copy of Witcher 2. Expressing his thanks, Obama said, "I've been told that it is a great example of Poland's place in the new global economy. And it's a tribute to the talents and work ethic of the Polish people as well as the wise stewardship of Polish leaders like prime minister Tusk."

However, the President also stated that he's "not very good at video games," leading some to wonder whether he even played the title at all. Of course, if Obama didn't play Witcher 2, it's hard to blame him. After all, he's a busy man. But even the Leader of the Free World needs to relax! Maybe the President should consider picking up the sticks. 

[via Kotaku]

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