"Grand Theft Auto V" Now Allows You to Walk on Water, Still Lacks Water-to-Wine Feature

A gamer has found out a trick that gives you miraculous powers in "Grand Theft Auto V".

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YouTube member BIG Spaz has unlocked a miraculous glitch in Grand Theft Auto V. What exactly makes it so special? Thanks to the glitch you are now able to walk on water in the realm of Los Santos. 

In the video above BIG Spaz breaks down the process of treading above the life aquatic, and it's not an overly complicated secret to discover. Once unlocked, you're able to stay above the water so long as you don't get hit by an enemy or kill yourself. Undoubtedly, the glitch cuts down on your travel time by a considerable margin. Unfortunately, any news regarding wine-to-water switches, carpentry, or bread and fishes has yet to surface.

Check out how the glitch can be utilized above, and then try it out for yourself. 

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