Cosplaying Sword Fighters Remake All the Violent Madness of "Nidhogg" (Video)

These video game enthusiasts have drawn their swords to recreate the violent, colorful insanity of Messhof's "Nidhogg".

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Mark Essen's Nidhogg has turned heads since its release in January, providing simplistic, addictive gameplay for its many followers and enthusiasts. The game itself is a beautiful mess of pixelated blood and gore, throwing you from one side of a stage to another as you try to defeat your opponent and reach your respective end. 

Maryland-based filmmaking team Apsis Motion Pictures has decided to bring Nidhogg's madcap fencing to life, as they've put their actors in full body suits, armed them with weapons, and choreographed some delightfully manic sword fights. Watch the entire video above. 

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