Here's the Early Reaction to Steven Spielberg's New Movie 'Ready Player One'

Early reaction to Steven Spielberg's newest flick 'Ready Player One' is out after the movie was screened at SXSW.

Zak Penn, Tye Sheridan, Ernest Cline, and Steven Spielberg at the premiere of 'Ready Player One.'

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Zak Penn, Tye Sheridan, Ernest Cline, and Steven Spielberg at the premiere of 'Ready Player One.'

The early reaction for Ready Player One is officially in after the film was screened Sunday evening at SXSW, and the near consensus appears to be that you should go and see it. Here's a handful of positive reactions from those who were apparently in attendance in Austin on Sunday:

Ready Player One is a pop culture extravaganza. A truly one of a kind film that combines video games, tv, movies, music, & action figures into one huge crowd pleasing film. Prepare to be wowed & see this on the biggest screen with the best sound system possible. #ReadyPlayerOne

— Scott Menzel (@ScottDMenzel) March 12, 2018

STANDING OVATION at the end of #ReadyPlayerOne

— Beatrice Verhoeven (@bverhoev) March 12, 2018

If this doesn’t answer whether people loved #ReadyPlayerOne, I don’t know what will.

— Beatrice Verhoeven (@bverhoev) March 12, 2018

I didn’t think I would like #ReadyPlayerOne, but I liked it a WHOLE LOT. I think people cheered and laughed every 2 mins and dang this film was entertaining. So many references, I can’t wait for everyone to see it so we can all talk about it! #sxsw

— Beatrice Verhoeven (@bverhoev) March 12, 2018

I don’t know if I have ever seen a #SXSW crowd cheer on a movie the way they just cheered on #ReadyPlayerOne. We haven’t seen this Spielberg in a long time - it’s just pure entertainment and it’s hard not to watch it without a dorky smile on your face the whole time

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) March 12, 2018

#ReadyPlayerOne is classic Steven Spielberg. It’s got the references, the ferocious effects and the great ‘80s soundtrack, sure, but also the charm, the heart, the humor and a fantastic Alan Silvestri score. I loved it & so did this #SXSW crowd. Be excited for it!

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) March 12, 2018

#ReadyPlayerOne is classic Spielberg fun! What a blast, can't wait to see it again. Rewards repeat viewings. Tons of great references, visuals and heart. So kick ass it blew the speakers!

— Robert Rodriguez (@Rodriguez) March 12, 2018

Bit of technical difficulties during climax of #ReadyPlayerOne sound cut out and it stopped. Don't they know all they need to do is take the cartridge of the film out and blow on it!? Duh! ...Seriously though this film is a gamers dream! Kick Ass so far!

— Joe Vargas (@AngryJoeShow) March 12, 2018

Standing ovation for Spielberg after the #ReadyPlayerOne premiere. “That was probably the greatest anxiety attack I’ve ever had,” he said, alluding to the screening’s technical difficulties (truth is, it actually only made the crowd more excited) #SXSW

— bryn sandberg (@brynsandberg) March 12, 2018

Went into READY PLAYER ONE skeptical as hell. Came out largely as a joyous convert. I have a handful of issues with the structure and characters, but it improves on the book in important ways, the action is riveting, and I really bought the humor. #readyplayerone

— Tasha Robinson (@TashaRobinson) March 12, 2018

AHHHH READY PLAYER ONE!!!!! Haven’t felt that sense of childlike wonder since JURASSIC PARK. This film lacks the terror of that film but the sense of joy is overwhelming. This film is love. #sxsw #sxfilm #sxswfilm #ReadyPlayerOne

— Who the Hell is Alex?🇸🇪🇦🇹🇳🇴🇫🇮 (@LSUgymtiger) March 12, 2018

#ReadyPlayerOne at #SXSW blew my mind like it blew the speakers! HOLY COW! spielberg #DELIVERED!

— Eric Stoltz Junior (@estoltzjunior) March 12, 2018

READY PLAYER ONE: So so so much movie. Sometimes too much but what I kept thinking over and over again was “my kids are gonna LOVE THIS.” It is joyous and thrilling for the people who it’s designed to joy and thrill.

— Brian Tallerico (@Brian_Tallerico) March 12, 2018

It will appeal differently to the '80s nostalgia crew and the next generation looking for a thrilling, wondrous, adventure story. A generation who loves tech and video games. And this is the most video game movie ever.

— Brian Tallerico (@Brian_Tallerico) March 12, 2018

It’s the best Spielberg action since TINTIN, that’s for sure. Cast is good, the motivations are there beyond “I wanna get rich,” and the score is dope. See this early on in a packed house: it’s guaranteed to get a decent pop.

— nick johnston (@onlysaysficus) March 12, 2018

Ready Player One is a whole lot of fun. Those who are stuck in pre-release hate mode better prepare to be disappointed. #sxsw

— Scott Weinberg (@scottEmovienerd) March 12, 2018

READY PLAYER ONE feels like Spielberg watched a ton of Luc Besson movies and decided to outdo them. In terms of pure spectacle, it’s the most astonishing thing he’s done. Never underestimate Steve. #SXSW

— erickohn (@erickohn) March 12, 2018

So yeah, I LOVED Ready Player One. It’s perhaps the geekiest movie ever made. So so so happy right now!

— Eric Vespe (@EricVespe) March 12, 2018

Genuinely still shifting through my #ReadyPlayerOne feelings but it’s telling that some fanboys have already yelled at me for not coming out of the gate singing its praises. That’s exactly the culture way RP1 attempts to grapple with.

— Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) March 12, 2018

literally my face during every second of Ready Player One.

— britt hayes (@britthates) March 12, 2018

Like we said at the top, there was a near consensus that the film was great:

#ReadyPlayerOne posits a corporate big wig who exploits fan culture for profit as its villain. The irony of that is giving me a headache. This is no love letter to pop culture. It’s a crass play to nostalgia; it offers nothing new or exciting.

— Kristy Puchko (@KristyPuchko) March 12, 2018

You’ll also hear the crowd went wild throughout. Totally true. These opinions are mine. I don’t pretend I represent all of the premiere audience or even all critics. I hated this. If you’re excited about it, I genuinely hope you enjoy it.

— Kristy Puchko (@KristyPuchko) March 12, 2018

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