(Updated) 'The Price Is Right' Awarded a Treadmill to Contestant in a Wheelchair—And She Thought It Was "Funny"

'The Price is Right' gave a treadmill to a contestant in a wheelchair.

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Welp, there goes everything. The Price is Right awarded a treadmill to a contestant in a wheelchair. We can all go home now.

In this clip, which aired today, Danielle comes up to the stage with Drew Carey, and the two are clearly so pumped. "I'm so excited right now!" she tells Carey. Then he presents her with her two prizes: a treadmill and a sauna.

Danielle says "Wow, these are really nice," (which they totally are—check out those price tags), and then proceeded to correctly guess the prize of the sauna.

UPDATE: We spoke to Danielle Perez, a standup comedian in Los Angeles, about the taping, her big win, and what Drew Carey is like when you ask him questions.

So, how are you right now?

Oh my gosh, I am so excited. I feel like Beyonce. Like, I imagine this is the feeling Beyonce experiences any time one of her Instagrams goes viral.

Amazing. Was that your first time on The Price is Right?

Yeah, it was my first time on any sort of game show.

And how was it?

Oh my gosh, it was so exciting. We got there, and there's just this line of people who are so excited to be there, and [the crew] interviews every single person that comes to a taping [before it starts]. When we get inside the studio, they're pumping Black Eyed Peas from four years ago. Elderly people are doing cartwheels in the aisles. Like, you're rewarded for how insane you act. I was just happy to be there. 

We've only seen the clip—how'd you do on the show?

When I was in the contestants’ row, I won an iPad and a Nike fitness armband, and then I got to go on stage and compete for more prizes. After I won the treadmill and the sauna, I got to spin the wheel. I got $1 and then I got $75. Your goal is to get one dollar. I should've stayed on $1, that's how math works. [laughs] I understand that. I just wanted to spin it again!

But I looked at Drew and I was like, should I spin it again? And he just looked at me so seriously, like why are you asking me? Like, you cannot ask Drew for help. He cannot respond to you. They tell you this over and over again, and I still asked him. He just looked at me. So I didn't get to go [to the next round]. 

How did you feel when your name was called to come on stage?

I was just so confused. Like, where are the stairs? [laughs] But a woman with a red jacket got me and led me to the ramp. But you're so hopped up on endorphins—I don't smoke weed but I imagine that's what it feels like to be high. 

And then they showed me the treadmill. It was funny because the audience got a little quiet. Like you could feel the audience go, 'Wait a minute, that is not appropriate.' But it was so funny. I had such a good time. I was like, yes I want it! I don't need it at all! But I want it. Now I can use my Nike fitness band on my treadmill. I'm really excited.

Did you have guests with you on the show? 

Yeah, I went with a big group with my friend Wendi Starling, we're both standup comedians in Los Angeles. When we got there, all my friends were like, you're going to get picked—because after they interviewed our group, [the crew] told me, 'If you get picked, just follow the person in the red jacket.' I thought, they must tell that to everyone, they don't want me to feel different because I'm in a wheelchair. But people kept coming up to me and being like, 'If you get picked, follow the person in the red jacket.' I was like, wow, everyone here's super friendly. [laughs] Everyone's so positive and supportive. I was the first name called. I was in the back of the studio because I was in the handicap section, and I got on the ramp to the stage, and I just put up my arms and rolled all the way down. 

Do you think you'll use this in your stand-up now?

Oh yeah, definitely. Remember that time I was on The Price is Right and won a treadmill? Yeah, my children are gonna hear that. My grandchildren are gonna hear that.

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