The Morning After Protests Exploded in Baltimore

People in Baltimore are taking to the streets the morning after violent protests, to lend a hand and clean up.

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Last night, the city of Baltimore exploded in a series of violent protests that resulted in fires, injuries, and the governor of Maryland calling a state of emergency and activating the National Guard to assist local and state police. According to CNN, nearly 200 people have been arrested since protests for the death of Freddie Gray began yesterday. The city's director of strategic planning and policy, Howard Libit said that there were 144 vehicle fires and 15 structure fires. 

On social media, photos and descriptions of the protests have been uploaded with the hashtag #purge (referencing the 2013 movie in which all crime is legal for one night a year). But this morning, Baltimore streets were quiet, with schools closed and people taking to the streets to survey the damage and help clean their communities up.

From social media, we can see that the National Guard has been brought in and is literally standing by, lining certain streets in Baltimore. And in those streets, we can see the other side of the protests—people picking up brooms and doing what they can to help clean up the debris this morning. Here are some highlights:

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