Apple Is Definitely Building an Electric Car

New court documents hint that Apple is working on an electric car.

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Apple doesn't want to stop with smartwatches. Rumors of different tech companies working on electric or self-driving cars have been around for a while now, but after Business Insider uncovered some court documents, it's almost 100% sure that Apple is working on an electric car. 

It's the kind of thing in Silicon Valley that everyone knows will happen even if Apple hasn't officially confirmed. The court documents don't outright say anything about an electric car, but they hint that Apple is working on something that'll need a powerful battery— the docs are from a lawsuit Apple is settling this week that accuses the tech giant of poaching employees from a battery company, presumably to work on the electric car.

There's also a rumor that Apple is gearing up to compete with Tesla for other engineers and car manufacturers. And then there's Apple's new facility in Cupertino that might actually look like an auto garage.

[via Gizmodo]

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