Spike Lee Talks "Inside Man 2" And Park Chan-wook's Reaction To "Oldboy" Remake

Bad news, "Inside Man" fans.

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Fans of the original, widely revered Oldboy were apprehensive of Spike Lee's American remake, understandably afraid it would prove unnecessary and sully the OG film's reputation. In a recent chat with Vulture, Spike revealed that lead Josh Brolin had the same trepidation, and actually approached the original's director, Park Chan-wook, for his blessing:

We have several homages to it, but we didn't want to do everything. Josh went to meet with Park Chan-wook and ask for his blessing, and one of the things Park said was, "Make your own film. Don't do everything I did."

Spike also touched on the oft-rumored Inside Man sequel and effectively shot down rumors of it ever happening, unfortunately:

Terry George says he has a script for Inside Man 2 sitting in a drawer. Will that ever happen?
I don't care if it is on IMDb. As far as I know, it's on the shelf. That's a question you have to ask the studios, the powers that be: Why hasn't that film had a sequel? They still make sequels.

As cool as a sequel could potentially have been, it's not like Inside Man's ending really called for one, anyway. The film works just fine as an open-and-shut thriller as it is, although it would be awesome to see Jodie Foster's ice-cold fixer again.

Read the full interview, where Spike discusses at length the differences between the two Oldboys, here:

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