Your Worst Amusement Park Fears Are Realized in This Scary Slingshot Ride Video

Your worse Slingshot fears have been realized.

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Wow, this one hits close to home. Just last week the overlords here at Complex dot com sent me out to Coney Island to ride the infamous Sling Shot, the ride that catapults you straight up into the air and spins you around for 90 seconds. Me and my guest, nascent pop star Pia Mia, were both terrified to say the least. Two people who would not be embarking on this ride of their own volition. Anyway, we knuckled up, did it and made some fire content out of screaming our lungs out. But, as if the Slingshot itself isn't inherently scary enough, the number of things that can go horrifically wrong is enough to make even a G like DMX panic. I know the image of a cable snapping floated through my mind one or twenty times, and I can imagine Pia's too. And now just a week or so removed from the event, I peruse the interwebs and see this bullshit? Nah fam.

A woman and a thirteen year-old boy were on the ride at Mount Olympus amusement park in Wisconsin, and seconds before they were due to be launched the cable next to the boy, Trevor, literally snapped. Seconds, bruh. Prior to the incident, someone in the background is heard joking "those ropes look frayed." Good eye, dude, smh. Apparently the park owner's response to nearly killing two people—on a ride that had allegedly just been inspected three weeks ago—was to offer a refund for the ride and free tokens. The cable was reattached and the ride was accessible until the end of the day, when it was closed until further inspection. I'm only going on junior rides for the rest of the summer.

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