One Direction Wins The Box Office, Obviously

As if there was any way they wouldn't.

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This week in Obvious Box Office News: One Direction's concert film This Is Us came in at number one ahead of The Butler, with a $17 million Labor Day opening weekend haul. As far as modern pop concert films go, that's better than Katy Perry's Part of Me ($7.3 million opening) and lower than Justin Bieber's Never Say Never ($29 million).

Meanwhile The Butler is sitting pretty in the two spot, with a weekend that brings its total up to a whopping $74 million. And as for fantasy nerds, a morsel of hope: Guillermo Del Toro's awesome monster versus robots flick Pacific Rim recently crossed the $100 million mark. The film underperformed but with any luck, it won't scare studios from trying something similar in the future.

[via EW]

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