Quiz: Are You in the Friend Zone™?

The definitive questionnaire to help decipher your love life's status.

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It's a situational quandary that has plagued many a male, both hapless romantic simps and even the suavest of "players." Are you in the Friend Zone™? What is the Friend Zone, even? It's when you have a desire or maybe even an inkling that a friendship with the opposite sex can go much further, but you aren't sure if that sentiment is unrequited. And it can be harder than quantum physics figuring out both where you stand and if you ever stand a chance of escape. That's where we come in. Regardless of the intricacies of your own personal situation, every friend zone scenario has the basic, broad touchstones. It's from those that you can maybe, kind of glean an answer to your dilemma. Take the quiz—answer truthfully—and allow us to sort out your love life...or just confuse you even further lmao. You're welcome.




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