Demi Lovato Addresses Those Rumors of Hooking Up With Ruby Rose

Demi finally answers a direct question regarding the 'Orange is the New Black' star.

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Did Demi Lovato hook up with Ruby Rose? The answer to that question has been elusive, ever since Ruby casually claimed they slept together on an Instagram post back in 2013. The Orange is the New Black star's first gesture to Demi was on Twitter in 2011, when she would go on to tweet-flirt with the pop star over time. After the Instagram post a source clarified to Life & Style that, according to Ruby, she and Demi dated for two years while she was on a break with current boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. While Demi's fanbase lashed out at Ruby for the baseless claim, Demi herself has never addressed it. Until now.

Speaking with Complex for our new Oct/Nov cover story, our very own Christine Werthman asked Demi if her new song "Cool for the Summer," which has hints of, um, Sapphic sentiments, was actually hinting at the Ruby situation:

Is the song about [Orange Is the New Black actor] Ruby Rose?

And with that, it seems like Demi's offered all she's ever going to say on the matter. Speculate as you will.

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