Andrew Zimmern: How Food Can Put Life in Perspective

On this episode of The Meals That Made Me, Adam Richman discusses institutional knowledge and evocative food memories with his mentor Andrew Zimmern.

On this episode of The Meals That Made Me, Adam connects with his dear friend and beloved mentor, Andrew Zimmern – an Emmy and James Beard award-winning TV personality, chef, restaurateur, writer, and social justice advocate.  As a pioneer in the food-travel TV landscape with shows like Bizarre Foods, The Zimmern List, Family Dinner, and many more, Andrew shares some of his institutional knowledge with Adam, while tapping into his most evocative food memories. From his earliest meals as a child trying new flavors at James Beard’s NYC house, to a traditionally prepared chicken dish with a Maya family in Belize that changed the way he viewed the world, and a beautiful memory of the last meal that he shared with his father eating mussels in Maine, these are the meals that made Andrew Zimmern.

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